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Marriage & Divorce
1. Pre-Marital Counseling

Experience has shown that making a relationship last is difficult. There is more to making a happy marriage than just love. Melding two independent people into one couple requires thought and insight that our professional and spiritual counselors can provide. This is an important opportunity to deal with issues before they become real problems.

2-Marriage Counseling

All relationships have issues that arise. Learning how to work through these as a couple is the pathway to a more fulfilling experience. Learn communication skills that can satisfy both your partner and yourself. We can help you develop a happier marriage.

3-Divorce Mediation

Once you have made the decision to divorce you have choices. Mediation is a popular form of alternative dispute resolution in which you and your spouse decide what's fair and how your needs can best be met. Studies consistently show that couples who mediate an end to their marriage are happier with the outcome and less likely to continually return to court to modify the decree. Mediation is generally significantly less expensive and less hostile than the traditional model.

4-Post Decree Issues
  • Parenting: In many cases, anger and disillusionment interfere with successfully moving on with the business of raising your children. JFS offers post divorce parenting coordination to help you learn how to more effectively co-parent your children. Some parents find it very hard to get beyond their emotions about their divorce. You will learn to fight less and develop better communication as you place your child ahead of your anger.
  • Individual Counseling: The breakup of a marriage is a loss. It is never easy to pick up the pieces of your life and move forward. Post divorce counseling can help you learn to cope with the hurt and disillusionment of divorce which is essential to reclaiming your ability to have successful future relationships. Statistics show that unless we learn to relate differently in future relationships we are doomed to repeat the past.
5-Other Court Related Services
  • Guardian Ad Litem: JFS professionals work with all members of the judiciary throughout the state helping develop support plans to better meet the needs of children, seniors and adults.
  • Family Interaction Reports: JFS professionals have assessment expertise to write customized reports that are often required by the judiciary.