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Adoption: Home study and Updates
How do I adopt in Connecticut?

To adopt a child in Connecticut, all residents must have an approved home study. This home study must be written by an agency licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families. Jewish Family Service is a Connecticut licensed adoption agency.

An adoption home study is a snapshot of your life, home, and expectations as you are about to embark on this new adventure. Typically, it takes three in-person meetings, one of which takes place in your home. Since Jewish Family Service works with so many Connecticut residents, we have familiarity with most of the cities and towns in the state, so whether you reside in Middletown, Naugatuck or Putnam, we can write the home study putting your home town in the best possible light.

You and your agency review the home study before it is finalized. There are no surprises when you use Jewish Family Service. Generally, studies are completed in eight to ten weeks.

In Connecticut, your adoption home study is valid for two years after completion. Some agencies require an update after one year.

Depending on whether you are adopting domestically or inter nationally, your Connecticut adoption home study will be customized to reflect the requirements of the program that you have chosen.

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