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Focus On Kids - Fact Sheet

bullet Focus On Kids is a program of the Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies and based on principles and training provided by Beacon Behavioral Health Services’ P.E.A.C.E Program.

bullet Focus On Kids is designed to assist high conflict separated, divorced or divorcing parents learn skills to work together in parenting through increasing their focus on their children and thereby decreasing the conflict between them as it relates to parenting.

bullet Focus On Kids is not therapy. It is highly structured parent counseling with a large emphasis on communication and many opportunities to practice skills and techniques lead to less conflict in making parenting decisions.

bullet Focus On Kids clinicians meet with both parents together every session. The average set of parents completes 6-8 sessions. Sessions are typically held weekly or every other week. No children are seen in this program.

bullet Focus On Kids is an economical alternative to using attorneys and the Court system to deal with conflict. Rather than paying two attorney’s fees, Focus On Kids charges between $175 and $225 per session (on a sliding scale based on financial status). This fee must be split equally between both parties.

bullet All parties are equally informed in writing of agreements made in each session. With appropriate releases, a written summary is sent to both parents, each parent’s attorney, the children’s attorney and/or the guardian ad litem.

bullet Focus On Kids is designed to assist parents learn to make parenting decisions for themselves without the intervention of the legal system. The program is based on the premise that given the skills and tools to do so, parents are the best decision makers for their children and this responsibility should lie with them.

bullet Focus On Kids replicates an evidence based model, the P.E.A.C.E. Program, which has demonstrated positive results. 60% of families served have no additional court appearances 12 months post intervention. An additional 29% have 1-3 court appearances following intervention with most one time appearances being to finalize the divorce and not to deal with parenting issues.

bullet Focus On Kids results in positive effects for the children of divorce, keeps decision making the responsibility of the parents, and is more timely and cost effective than lengthy court processes.